Embroidery reigns supreme for logo application, crafting a robust corporate identity. Our cutting-edge computerized embroidery machines ensure top-tier results. The process begins with digitizing your logo, handpicking thread colors to match, and crafting a physical sample for your approval. Once given the green light, we kickstart your order. We exclusively employ premium threads and machinery. These threads maintain your brand’s integrity without compromise. Embroidery excels on polo shirts, shirts/blouses, sweatshirts, fleeces, jackets, overalls, and headwear, making it the ideal choice for your branding needs.

Print & Transfers

A variety of transfer products awaits your selection, tailored to specific garment types, logo intricacy, and safety standards. Consider DTF (direct to film) transfers for intricate, multicolored logos with demanding requirements like industrial laundry. These ensure high quality and meet exacting standards.

On the other hand, multi-colored vinyl transfers are a budget-friendly choice, offering durability for standard garments. They provide an excellent finish and long-lasting results.

Why is customising your workwear a good idea ?

  1.    Promotes unity and pride among employees

    • Wearing branded clothing fosters a sense of belonging and team spirit
    • Enhances morale and boosts productivity
  2.    Acts as a powerful marketing tool

    • Branded clothing serves as a mobile billboard for the company
    • Increases brand awareness and attracts new customers
  3.    Enhances the company’s professional image

    • Creates a consistent and professional appearance among employees
    • Improves the perception of the company in the eyes of customers and clients
  4.    Cost-effective solution for businesses

    • One-time cost for the company
    • Eliminates the need for employees to purchase their own workwear
    • Reduces potential liability issues related to inappropriate employee clothing

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Embroidery is our most popular logo application, it is a tried and tested method which helps create a strong corporate identity for your workforce.

We employ advanced computerized embroidery machines for optimal results. After digitizing your logo, we select matching thread colors and create a sample for your approval. Once approved, we proceed with the order, using premium threads and machines for top-quality results. We offer Fire Retardant threads for protective clothing and find that embroidery works best on various apparel items, including polo shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, overalls, and headwear.

Print & Transfers

There are a range of different transfer products available, and one may be more appropriate than the others depending on the garments you are using, the complexity of your logo or the safety standards required. As an overview we use DTF (direct to film) transfers, for high quality multi coloured logos that have to meet very specific demands, from flame retardancy to industrial laundry or abrasive usage.  

For standard garments, multi coloured vinyl transfers, will give an excellent finish would good longevity at a lower cost. Screen printing is an excellent application for high volume t-shirt & hoodie orders.  

Choosing Workwear

To discover the ideal workwear, explore our extensive product range on the website and also the vast selection in our full Collection e-catalogue by click on the brands image. Find the perfect fit and functionality to suit your workplace needs and request a quote by connecting with team using the contact form below. Chat soon !

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To put it simply, personalised workwear helps inspire confidence in your organisation. It lets your customers know you are serious about your brand or business; it also acts as a marketing tool when combined with contact information such as your telephone number or web site address

There is no setup cost for standard fonts but a setup fee would apply if we need to convert your logo into a digital stitch file. For a detailed quotation, please complete the form above and attach a copy of your logo.

The price depends on the complexity of your logo, the number of stitches required and the total number of items to embroider. Please complete the form above with a copy of your logo and we will get back to you with a quotation.

Yes, if you supply us with the pantone references for your logo we will find the closest possible thread colour and produce a sample for your approval.

Yes. Our design team would be happy to work with you to create a logo for your business. Please complete the form above providing a description of your requirements and a member of our design team will be in touch to talk you through the process.

Yes. If requested we will provide you with stitch out sample for your approval. We do not embroider any garments until we receive logo approval from you.

Yes, give us a call with your requirements and we will help you through the process.

No. It’s really important to us that we remain in full control of the quality of our personalised workwear and for that reason all personalisation is done in house by our dedicated design team using some of the most advanced equipment in the industry.

Embroidered Workwear

Your logo is converted into a stitch file by our in-house design team, this file basically tells our multi-headed embroidery machines where to place the needle and what colours to use. We then place your garment into the machine placing the embroidery needle above your desired location and press go.

Embroidery can be applied to a number of products including polo shirts, overalls, jackets and caps etc. We also provide additional protection for water resistant garments, with additional processes available to ensure the water beading properties of your garments are not hampered by the personalised logo process.

Flexi Printing

Your logo is cut from transfer vinyl using a plotter and then applied to your garment using a heat press. The major benefit flexi-print has over screen printing is that it is far more robust and won’t crack or fade over time.

This option is available in a wide selection of vibrant and exciting colours and can be applied to most garments with the exception of fleeces; where a thicker flock transfer process can be used to achieve the desired result.

Promo Flock Printing

Your logo is cut from a special textured fabric and applied to your garment using a heat press in a similar way to our other printing methods.

What sets Promo Flock logos apart from Flexi-Print is the textured finish which provides a stylish raised effect. Promo flock is ideal for adding your personalised logo to garments that will pill, such as fleeces or other woollen products.

Full Colour Transfers

Your personalised logo is printed onto a special transfer fabric using a high definition printer. It is then cut to size and applied to your garment using a heat press.

This process allows for more detailed, intricate designs and produces a high quality matt finish.

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