XC Clear PC safety glasses


  • Honeywell
  • Synthetic frame construct
  • Adjustable in length and height
  • Anti-fog lense coating
  • Adjustable in length and height

12.95 incl. VAT


Application: indoor. XC for X-tra Coverage, X-tra Comfort, X-tra Control X-tra Coverage : Exceptional lens 9 base-curved high coverage lens: It provides a total wraparound coverage & assure exceptional peripheral vision along with complete protection. The 13 different lenses offer a wide choice and a solution for every application. X-tra Control :

Adjustability Adjustable temples & lenses with flexible nosepiece Extra flexible frame Easily replaceable lenses : they can be changed easily without replacing the entire frame for a longer product life and cost savings. It protects from the top of the eye to the bottom with no gaps. It fits a variety of faces, including men & women and feels like made-to-order It guarantees a perfect fit. X-tra Comfort : Multi-Material Technology – MMT Ultra-soft two-shot material on any part of the frame in contact with the face or head (brow, nosebridge, and temples). All pressure points are relieved for exceptional all-day comfort. Lens marking: 2C-1.2 B-D 1 FT.

Mechanical resistance

  • F: impact low (45 m/s)
  • T: resistance guaranteed between -5 and 55°C

Certification face

  • EN 166
  • EN 170


Lens Shade


Product Features

EN 166, EN 170