Manyard ME86 1.5M


  • 1x Scaffold Hook & 1x Screwgate Karabiner
  • Miller by Honeywell
  • With fall indicator
  • Energy absorber
  • Single laynard
  • EN 354 & EN 355

139.95 incl. VAT


Manyard ME86 1.5M Shock absorbing Lanyard – 1.5m – ML00+ML04. Complete with 1 screwgate karabiner & Automatic Scaff hook 63 mm. A unique stretchable design. A safety clip that straps on to the harness to hold the Manyard when not in use. Special woven shock-absorbing inner core. Heavy tubular outer jacket. Unique warning flag which provides visual proof that a lanyard has been involved in a fall and should be removed from service. Reliable visual inspection: the integral res core becomes visible if the outer jacket is damaged or worn. The TEFLON hi-tech protective finish on the outer tubular jacket prolongs the service life of the Manyard. Lightweight and easy to use, the elasticated manyard is ideal for maintenance on cranes or granties. When contracted the elasticated shock-absorbing lanyard reduces the risk of tripping or snagging. The unique woven shock-absorbing material reduces fall arrest forces.




EN 354, EN 355