Quiet-Fit 103C Reusable Ear Plug with Cord


  • Edge Safety
  • Packed individually per pair
  • 100 pairs/box
  • Corded
  • Multiple use
  • EN 352-2

74.95 incl. VAT


These ultra soft Quiet-Fit 103C Reusable Ear Plug with Cord TPE plugs are the right answer for dirty, but not too noisy work environments. (Maximum noise level <100dB). The smooth, dirt-resistant surface of the Edge Quiet-Fit Reusable Earplug prevents the earplug from collecting irritating particles that can cause injury to the ear canal. The plug can be easily cleaned with soap and water to ensure excellent wearing comfort and safety. The Quiet-Fit 103C’s cord features a cord material that won’t transfer the sound, even onto your neck or clothing. When the Quiet-Fit earplugs are not in use, they can be stored in the original packaging with a closure.

The Quiet-Fit 103C is packed per pair in a box of 100 pairs.




EN 352-2