Body Warmers: More benefits than you’d think!

(Softshell) jacket or body warmer? At the start of this new year we asked you what you preferred. Your choice? You massively voted for the softhell jacket. And rightly so: a softshell jacket offers many advantages: its flexible fabric is windproof, waterproof and breathable, thus providing optimal protection against bad weather.

But did you know that a body warmer is also a very versatile piece of workwear? Its benefits should not be underestimated! We list a few of them below:


Have you ever worn a T-shirt with long sleeves, a lined sweatshirt jacket and a winter jacket on top of each other? Then you know what it feels like to be a Michelin man ;-). Obviously, on really cold days or when working outside, the advantages of such a wonderfully warm work outfit outweigh the minor freedom of movement by far. But if it is not very chilly, or if you, for instance, work in a warehouse, a body warmer is definitely worth considering!A body warmer offers you full freedom of movement: bend and stretch your arms? Check! Lift your arms in the air, for example when painting? No problem! Your lower back is always covered because a sleeveless vest is less likely to slide up. Bend down? A body warmer such as the DASSY® Mons has back pleats that allow greater freedom of movement. Finally, open the practical 2-way zipper at the bottom to make kneeling extra comfortable.


A sleeveless work vest allows you to easily add a layer of warmth to your work outfit, without having to wring an extra pair of sleeves between your sweater or fleece jacket and your work jacket. On top of that, the high visibility body warmer DASSY® Bilbao has a special zipper allowing you to practically integrate it into the high visibility parka DASSY® Atlantis.But a body warmer is not only suitable as a mid-layer. On the contrary, you can also wear it separately to keep your torso well-protected from the cold. In that case, choose a jacket with a waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric, such as the DASSY® Fusion softshell body warmer with fleece lining.


Professionals like to keep their tools close at hand. Moreover, you want to safely store your personal items such as car keys, wallet, smartphone, …. And let’s face it: even if you wear work trousers with multi-pockets, a professional knows: you can never have enough pockets. So a body warmer offers the perfect solution! Did you know that a model such as the DASSY® Hulst adds no fewer than 8 pockets to your outfit? Sufficient storage space guaranteed!Have a look at all DASSY body warmers and find the jacket that perfectly fits your needs. Not quite convinced? Don’t worry! DASSY professional workwear also has a large collection of (softshell) jackets. Discover all DASSY work jackets and body warmers here. 

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